LUXE Ruby Signet - one of a kind ring

N | Gold Vermeil
This sumptuously smooth version of the classic signet ring, has been crafted by hand in Jewellers wax. It has a gorgeous brilliant cut, round Ruby with the sweetest little lilac inclusion.
The Ruby was cast in place. Which means it was set in the wax and cast directly with the metal. Only the hardest gemstones can withstand the heat. Diamonds, Sapphires and of course Rubies are amongst the few.
The Ruby has been framed by tiny granulated dots, sitting just off centre to give space to the satiny flow of the metal surrounding it.

This ring is One of a Kind and is a fixed size. UK size N.
It has been given a Satin finish, that over time will evolve and transform and become more lustrous with wear.
It has been Hard gold plated, and can be re-plated as and when, but please refer to the CARE section for full details on how to make this last.

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