Ganesha Vintage Statement Ring remake - unisex, mens & women's jewellery

This ring was found in Paris, in the 80's, by a very close friend of mine, Eva.
She loved it and literally wore it to death, so asked me to help remake this gorgeous ring and bring it back to life!
I carved a new band in jewellers wax.
I redefined all the old detailing on the sides and around the frame.
And filled in the missing bits on Ganesha himself.
New moulds were crafted for the ring and the Ganesh insert, and we were good to go!

It comes in 4 colour ways:
- Oxidised Sterling Silver
- Silver w/Turquoise Resin
- Antiqued Gold Vermeil
- Gold vermeil w/Turquoise Resin

And with HUGE range of sizes available, UK G - X.
It is suitable for both Men and Women.

It weighs in at 30g of solid silver, so you will really know its there :)
It comes Hallmarked and presented in a Luxury black ring box.

Make dreams happen!
Ganesh is all about production and power.
Much of his symbolism is related to safeguarding us from obstacles and the head, is a symbol of strength and power.

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These will be MADE TO ORDER ONLY, so please state your size, if known, at checkout.
If size unknown and you can't get to a local jewellers to measure up, you can purchase a re-usable ring sizer from the 'FINGERS' menu here and it will be sent out for free.
Just drop us an email when you have determined your size!

Please be patient, as each ring will be handmade especially for you. So expect to wait 3-4 weeks, before your ring is ready to be sent.
It will be worth the wait!
We promise :)

- Please carefully read the RETURNS and CARE pages.

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